JMNR Butterfly Transect August 8th 2019

Week 19 of the butterfly transect was carried out by D. Clay, 10:37, 18°C, 50% sunshine.

A total of 67 butterflies were recorded as follows:

Small Skipper 2, Gatekeeper 13, Meadow Brown 3, Ringlet 1, Speckled Wood 2, Green – veined White 4, Small, Copper 2, Peacock 21, Red Admiral 4, Comma 6, Painted Lady 1, unidentified white 8.

A noticeable lack of Small Tortoishell butterflies, they seem to be having a rough time of it.

3 species of Dragonflies, namely Southern Hawker, Brown Hawker and a Common Darter. The Hawkers were seen throughout the transect in all sectors as they were hunting the reserve.  I would say 1 BH , 1 Male Common Darter and 4 Southern Hawkers were seen at same time. Over the stream section 4 after the dam.

Butterfly bank is coming on well, thanks to Ian.

Purple Loosestrife in flower and Joe Pye-weed (Hemp Agrimony) attracting both butterflies and hoverflies.

Additional sighting – K James, 19:45

Sedge Warbler

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