JMNR Sightings – 29th July 2019

Week 18 of the butterfly transect was carried out by Nikki M, 13:30, 22°C, clear skies, wind W B3.

Brimstone butterfly

Brimstone butterfly

A total of 104 butterflies were recorded as follows: 3 Small Skipper, 1 Brimstone, 2 Large

White, 4 Small White, 6 Green-veined White, 3 Red Admiral, 4 Painted Lady, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 24 Peacock, 7 Comma, 14 Gatekeeper, 18 Meadow Brown, 7 Ringlet, 9 unidentified White.

Day flying moths: many grass moths, Shaded Broad-bar. 2 Brown Hawker, 2 Common Darter, Azure damselfly. Marmalade hoverfly, Honeybee, Noon fly, Common Red Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha fulva), Cinnamon Bug  (Corizus hyoscyami).

Swifts, Swallows, House Martins, Whitethroat, Blackbird.

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