JMNR Sightings – 5th June 2019

Nikki M – 15°C, 15:35, cloudy

Green-veined white, Celypha lacunana, Ancylis badiana, 2 Silver-ground moth, Diamond back moth, 2 Azure damselfly, Harlequin ladybird, Red and Black froghopper, Noon fly.

Wood pigeon, Chiffchaff, Wren, a duckling in Hide Pond.

In flower: Guelder Rose, Herb Robert, Buttercup, Foxglove, Cow Parsley, Goose grass, Spear thistle, Forget me not, Red Campion, Yellow Flag Iris, Hybrid Marsh/Common Spotted orchid, Cuckoo flower, Ox-eye daisy, Stitchwort sp., Speedwell sp., Red Clover, Elderflower blossom, Yellow Rattle, Ragged Robin and Blue Iris (Middle Pond), Daisy.

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