JMNR Sightings – August 13th 2019

Nikki M – 13:50, 17°C, Wind B4 W, 98% sunshine but some light showers.

Southern Hawkers in cop.

Southern Hawkers in cop.

Butterflies: Large White 1, Small White 1, Green-veined White 6, Small Copper 1, Red Admiral 2, Painted Lady 2, Peacock 12, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 12, Meadow Brown 3, unidentified whites 8.

Dayflying moths: Garden Carpet, Silver Y, Udea lutealis, Mother of Pearl

Dragonfly: 4 Southern Hawker including a pair in cop, 1 Brown Hawker, 3 Common Darter.

Woodpigeon, Blackbird

Fleabane now coming into flower. Marsh Woundwort on banks of brook, also Angelica, Monkey Flower, Knapweed, Red Clover.

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