Thurs 15 August 2019

An excellent day for raptors; an Osprey present early morning proved to be the individual present intermittently for the previous seven days. At 0920 it was harassed by a cream-crown Marsh Harrier for five minutes. The Marsh Harrier seemed to be hanging it’s left leg somewhat and may have been injured. The Osprey left SW carrying a fish at 0945 but twenty minutes later a different, tattier bird arrived from the north and was buzzed soon after by two juvenile female Peregrines. At 1200 a male  Merlin zapped west across the north end and at 1215 a Hobby was seen. Ogsterbo indeed.

Quiet otherwise (!) 4 Mute Swans, a new site record 135 Tufteds with the juv Pochard still, Little Egret, 26 GCGrebes ( the nest  in Chapel Bay has been washed out though the Little Grebes’ remains), ad Yellow-l-Gull, c30 Swifts.

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